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Shop Code: cyclo004

Cyclopolis is registered with Cycle To Work Scheme (Cyclescheme), and so we are happy to supply any of our bikes on the Government's Green Transport Plan Initiative allowing you to save up to over 40%. We use our extensive industry experience to get you the bike you want from your local bike shop. We are independent and can supply the right package of bike, accessories and safety equipment tailoring it to your personal cycling needs. It's a great way to start cycling or upgrade your current bike.

How can I get a bike through Cycle Scheme?

1. Your Employer must have joined Cyclescheme for you to use this method of payment.

If your Employer is not part of Cyclescheme yet but willing to join it, they can get a full

information pack from The cycle scheme doesn’t cost anything to

set up.

Come to our shop to get a formal quotation for a scheme voucher application. You can then

use it to apply for your voucher certificate online at or through your

employer's intranet system. Download PDF Cyclescheme Quotation Form

2. If you do not need a written quote you can request your scheme voucher before choosing the bike; just remember to request the value of the voucher you want to apply for.

Please note: our "Shop Code" for is cyclo004

The quotation doesn't reserve the bike chosen. However, if you are really keen to get the

particular bike, please call us on 02086737153 to discuss bike reservation possibilities.

3. The maximum that we can quote for is usually £1000 (unless your company has a consumer credit license).

We are happy to accept 'top up' payments if you have opted to purchase a bike with a

higher value than that covered by the voucher. It is your responsibility to check with your

Employer and Scheme to ensure this is accepted by them as we cannot be held

accountable if this is disputed at a later date.

4. Once you have received the voucher certificate via post or electronically bring it to us along with your photo ID (passport or driving licence). Most often you will be able to collect your bike the same day if all the goods requested are in stock. Otherwise, if the bike is still available to order it will take only couple of working days to get it for you. (Please note, it takes on average 2 - 4 weeks to finalise the whole process. This depends on the employer).

5. Now you can enjoy cycling!

How much can you save?

Typical savings are between 30% and 50% but the actual amount you pay depends on your personal tax band, and the way your company runs the scheme. Higher rate taxpayers will save more, employees whose company cannot reclaim VAT (the NHS for example) will save less. If the employer uses external finance (i.e. your employer borrows the money to buy the bikes from an outside source) then savings are normally 5% lower. Finally, the fair market value payment needs to be taken into account when calculating the total savings.

How are the savings made?

Your employer buys the bike from Cyclescheme and hires it to you. You pay back the loan on your bike, accessories and safety equipment from gross monthly salary in equal instalments over a period of time (typically 12 months).

At the end of the term, your employer will give you the option to purchase the bike for a nominal fee.

Remember: in the meantime you are responsible for maintaining and insuring the bike during the hire period. Cyclopolis has a fully equipped workshop offering a range of servicing options. We also stock range of cleaning and maintenance tools.


Company info

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© 2022 Cyclopolis Ltd. All Rights Reserved

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