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A compact roll-back cable lock is

small, lightweight and ideal to

secure your pannier bags and

helmet to your frame. Perfect for

those very quick stops at a shop.

(Note; we do not recommend using this as a substitute for your

main bike lock)

10. Rear derailleur hanger. Any impact to the drive-side of your bike can result

in bending or snapping of your derailleur hanger.

There are hundreds of different types of hanger

so make sure yours is compatible with your frame.

7. Multi-tool. This essential bit of kit will

service most of your on-the-road

adjustments. They come in varying

configurations with the more expensive

one’s being sturdier and carrying more

function. We recommend a tool that features a full Allen key set, both

screwdriver heads (Slotted and Phillips) and a spoke key. We recommend

one of the excellent options we have in stock.

6. Puncture repair  kit. Even though we’re carrying at least one spare tube a repair kit is still advised.

Some of us are unlucky enough to get multiple punctures in one journey. However,

at home we can patch these tubes up.

We strongly recommend the pre-glued

patch kit, it’s easier to use on the road.

Pre-glued patches aren’t as durable as a

standard patch kit but are a convenient

temporary fix.

5. Nitrile gloves are very handy (pun intended) to keep you muck free.

We prefer the powder free

Nitrile glove version. Latex gloves can

cause unwanted allergic reactions.

4. Mini-pump or CO2 inflator.

If  you use an inflator, pack at least one extra cartridge.

Needless to say you won’t be going anywhere fast

without carrying either of these. ;)

Ideally, choose a mini-pump that has both valve types

and hose to minimise valve damage

due to rough use. Remember folks a mini-pump isn’t a substitute for your track pump at home,

it’s designed for emergencies only.

1. Saddle bag which ideally is

waterproof or complete with rain cover.

Make sure it’s large enough

to carry some personal effects

along with your toolkit.

Cyclopolis recommends to invest in a bag  that’s quick release and has a velcro security strap.

Saddlebag essential kit list

Roadside repairs is a common element of your daily commuting

and weekend club runs. It’s something we should all be proficient at,

especially whilst traversing between town routes.

That’s not to say we couldn’t make the task a lot easier for ourselves.

Carrying the correct kit, not only makes the job quicker and easier,

it can save ourselves the frustration that dampens our enjoyment of cycling

particularly when caught in pouring rain 10 miles out of town. We’ve compiled

a list of  essentials and optional to carry to keep you on the road.

Happy riding. :)

2. Inner tube (at least one).

Make sure its the correct size and valve type.

Be careful with the use of  pre-slimed tubes

as valve blockage is a common occurrence.

We prefer a good puncture resistant tyre instead.

Less mess, more peace of mind.  

3. Tyre levers. You’ll have a

tough job getting your premium  

tyres off your rims in the wet

without a set of these. Bear in mind

these are to aid removal of tyre and

not to install. A good quality plastic

set is recommended over metal to

minimise rim damage.

As you can see these is marginal size and weight

difference between a mini-pump and CO2 inflator.

8. Chain breaker. We recommended a small but durable  option

as these tools can often be quite heavy. Some of the multi tools

come equipped with a mini-chain breaker. It’s not often

chain-links get damaged or snap but when they do this is the tool

for the job.

9. Chain link. Following the

removal of a damaged link, a

new one will be needed to

refasten the chain. Make sure

your link is compatible with your

type chain.


Dumbbell Spanner is a useful tool to service several

parts of your bike. It becomes an essential piece of kit

if you’re an owner of a single speed/fixie as it covers

the typical nut sizes found on them. Additionally, it’s

also covers a lot of old school saddles and seatposts

whose fittings vary from the modern standards.

Emergency tyre boot to temporarily patch a crack or

deep cut in your tyre (install on the inside of your tyre).

Temporary measure to get you safely back home.  

Back-up lights maybe be a luxury many may

not invest in. However, they are very useful

for those much longer rides or when you’ve

been unable to recharge your main lights or

the lights have failed.   

Cash. It’s good practice to carry money

with you on every ride/ commute as you

never know when you’ll need a quick

repair or taxi.

Spare brake pads, especially for

hydraulics are very useful for those

extra tough cross-country rides.

Excessive heating of the rotor can

cause your brake pad surface to

detach from the back plate. Eeek!!

Anti fog spray. Ideal for keeping your

sunglasses and goggles fog free.

If you can’t see, you can’t avoid the

tree.  ;)

Chain lube, does what it says

on the tin. A well maintained

chain ensures smooth power

transfer. We suggest carrying

this more for the off-road crowd.


Download PDF printable saddlebag kit checklist


Company info

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