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How often do I inflate my tyres?

Bicycle Tyre Pressure

We recommend to inflate your tyres every 2-3 weeks and we find it’s good practice to inflate

your tyre to 10 psi less than maximum. You will find the manufacturers tyre pressure range on the

side wall of all tyres. Failure to adhere to these pressure ranges can result in injury and damage to your wheels.

Riding at  lower than minimum recommended pressure can result in damage to your rims if you’ve hit a pothole for example.

Excessive low pressure also causes the common “snake-bite” puncturing of your inner tube, regardless of the

puncture resistance your tyres may have. This is due to pinching of your inner tube when impacting a kerb or pothole.

Excessive high pressure can result in tyre blow-out , splitting of the side-wall and tyre popping off your rim. You definitely do not

want any of these things occurring while in motion.  On a lighter note, exploding your inner tube due to over inflation, never looks cool

out side your local bike shop. ;)

As a side note, some competitive mountain bikers may choose to ride outside of the manufacturers range in certain circumstances,

such as snow and ice riding. As for all other riders and commuters alike, sticking within the range is compulsory.

The only exception to the rule are plastic wheels found on buggies and cheaper children's bikes. Inflating to the recommended tyre range

can often cause these fragile plastic wheels to flex. You may find a recommended pressure stamped on  some buggy wheels

and its this recommendation you should follow and not the tyre. In the absence of a max pressure stamped on the wheel we advise to inflate

to a maximum of 20 psi.

As you can see from our example on the left, the tyre pressure range is from

85 - 130 psi. Ranges vary widely depending on the tyres you have fitted.

For example; buggies have 20 psi, whilst some tubular velodrome tyres are

up to a whopping 220 psi.

Quick overview:

Road tyres; 80 - 130 psi.

Hybrid tyres; 50 - 100 psi.

MTB tyres; 40 - 70 psi.


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